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Lago Titicaca – Full day

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The renowned Lake Titicaca located in the Puno province is one of the most beautiful and important natural heritage of humanity. Located at an altitude of 3810 masl, this lake is the highest and navigable lake in the world, as well as having an importance for Peru since ancient times, because the legends tell that Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, sons of the Sun God, were born from the waters of the Titicaca to later found the powerful Inca empire.

Tour Titicaca Lake Full Day, on the shores of Lake Titicaca is the famous island of the Uros, set of handmade islands, where you can live with the natives, go sailing and fishing.



Our departure starts at 6:45 am from your hotel. To direct us in a private transport to the pier or main port. At 7:15 a.m., we start the exit towards the floating islands of the Uros, currently considered the National Reserve of Lake Titicaca. Also known as the highest navigable lake in the world. During the trip you will be able to observe a beautiful panoramic view, landscape. Our specialized guide will let you know about the existence of the floating Uros Islands. At present the people of the Uros still maintain their own culture and tradition, as well as the artisanal fishing, especially of the (CARACHI) and the pejerrey. When fishing is abundant, they keep the fish drying in the sun. They also devote themselves to hunting wild birds and collecting duck eggs. There are 75 islands that live today, and each island is well organized, after a long and beautiful visit, you will say goodbye to the Uros. Our next visit will be the natural island of Taquile.


To arrive to our next visit, we will sail by boat for 2 hours and a half, to the natural island of Taquile, during the navigation you will be able to observe the chain of mountains (the real mountain range), not only that, the people of Taquile very collaborative and well organized. It is the reason that the Taquileños have demonstrated their high degree of advancement in Textile, receiving their award by UNESCO. It should be noted that spinning and weaving are mainly done by men, beginning at the age of eight. Women do exclusively yarns and fabrics. Life in Taquile is still largely unchanged by modernity. The visit will be an average of 2 hours, and 1 hour will have to taste a delicious typical lunch, if you really want to be part of this community, you can voluntarily help by buying some of their crafts. So that this community has some means of sustainability, that way they can continue to show their existence to future travelers, Finally our guide will inform them of the time of return arriving at 17 pm in the afternoon to the city of Puno.

  • Transfer hotel – port – hotel.
  • Tourist boat (Jumbo Class)
  • Guide Service / Spanish-English
  • Ticket to the Islands
Not Included
  • Life insurance
  • Others not mentioned in this program
  • Arrive a day before departure for the excursion, acclimatization conditions
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Personal backpack
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat
  • Personal medication
  • Snack, chocolate or candies energized